Gift better together

Invite family and friends to contribute to meaningful gifts for your child.

A more sustainable way to give

Help the environment and reduce the number of unnecessary plastic toys and unwanted gifts by pooling present contributions from friends and family to buy longer lasting gifts.

No gift is ever wasted

No more five minute wonders, no toys gather dust at the back of the cupboard or worse... landfill. With Gifter, parents can choose the best use of gifted money.

Raise money for a gift or for charity

Gifter brings meaning to every donation and makes it easy to raise funds towards your child's a dream gift or charity.

How it works

Create a profile
for your child

Add gifts

Connect to your
bank account

Invite family and friends and tell
them about the special
occasion behind the gift

Receive money in
the designated bank


2% on all monetary

+ partner fees